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Something about our ancient town of Koprivshtitsa

Koprivshitsa is unique combination of legendary history and fascinating present. Everyone will be touched by the silvery river, the quiet forests, the spacious meadows, the brising air, the cobbled paved streets, the magic of stone and wood.

Koprivshtitsa is the symbol of the 1876 April Uprising!

This is the historical bridge colled "First rifle" in Koprivshtitsa - the symbol of the 1876 April Uprising!

No one knows when the first home in Koprivshtitsa was built. The begining is buried in legend. The name of the town is very unusual and playful but the origin is not clear, either. The town was founded by Bulgarian refugees from Samokov.

For many centuries after the town was an important economic, cultural and patriotic centre for Bulgarians and Bulgaria. According to a tradition a notable, beautiful and intelligent Bulgarian woman persuaded the Turkish sultan to issue a decree granting great freedom and privileges to Koprivshtitsa. The decree which was destroyed during the brigand riot granted complete autonomy to the governors of the town. For example: a mosque was never built in Koprivshtitsa.

At its heyday Koprivshtitsa numbered 12,000 people, as many as Sofia before the Liberation; there were 1200,000 sheep, 20,000 cattle, and 2000 stallions and mares. The crafts were related to stock-breeding, the local people were ambitious mercants, for example: one of them - Hadji Nencho Palaveev by name, even had shares of Suez Canal.

Museums and sightseengs

Koprivshtitsa is the only town in Bulgaria where Bulgarian Revival period architecture can be enjoyed both as individual buildings and ensembles.The cobbled paved streets invite for a slow and curious tour to admire the Bulgarian sense of beauty and the works that it inspires. There are some houses from the third stage,1840 -1870, was the high renaissance where can be seen the construction of remarcable monuments of architecture, for example; Oslekov's house (in the picture), Lyutov's house, Kableshkov's house.


The monument of Georgi Benkovski (1841-1876) .

Lyuben Karavelov's house.

Lyuben Karavelov (1834-1879) is one of the greatest Bulgarian writers.

Debelianov's house - This is the home of the best Bulgarian lyrical poet.

and Debelianov's monument.

The central square called "April 20".

There is mausoleum of the rebels who were killed during the 1876 April Uprising.

Kableshkov's house

Todor Kableshkov (1851-1876) is one of the leaders of 1876 April Uprising. He dipped his pen in the blood of the first turkish soldier - "zaptieh" killed in the uprising to write the historical letter appealing to take up arms.